Hardware and Software Technicians.

As the number of computers in businesses and homes increases, so does the number of computers needing repair. Hence, the need for more hands on deck.

Our employees play a critical role in contributing to our mission in an environment that’s collaborative, performance-based, and challenging. From promising college grads to seasoned veterans, the people of the College Board further our cause through fresh ideas, spirited innovation, and hard work.

DO you have one, two or all of the following skills?

  • Repairs of laptops, desktops, mobile devices (ipad, iphone, other android and windows phones)
  • Repairs of PABX Devices
  • Repairs of Biometric and LED advertising boards
  • Installations of:
    • Automation Systems
    • CCTV/IP Cameras
    • Access Control, and many more

Call directly or fill the Contact form on the contact page indicating your reason for contacting us. OR Send your CVs with a covering letter to